About Borenos

About Borenos

Borenos Fried Chicken is Sabah owned, for Sabahans, the next Borneo Pride.

Not everyone live their dream. Even more, not everyone build dreams. The founders of Borenos Fried Chicken chose to build not just theirs, but the people of Sabah’s too. Brought up abroad, they have seen possibilities, potentials and understood what needed to be done in bringing their beloved hometown to the eyes of the world. Their inspiration is the people, their purpose is the growth of Sabah, their drive is Borneo pride.

The big picture painted on the dream canvas was upscaling the local standards. Many thoughts were put on which was the priority. What do my home needs most? Opportunity. Attention. Difference. They asked themselves another critical question; what have I got to offer? All that I have learnt, felt and experienced. There is so much talents here, I want to develop them. There is so much to be proud of here, I want to offer another.

Why then, fried chicken? Simple, delicious and enjoyable to be shared over small talks or family gathering. Just like home, bringing back the good old memories of ‘comfort food’. Dining at home has another perk; it’s nutritious. And so the idea of freshness and quality surfaced. Only good ingredients are to be used, only the quality ones. This is after all, for my home people.

Part of the secret to Borenos’ signature tender juiciness comes from step-to-step perfection, with just the right amount of marination, breading skills and controlling the oil temperature to lock in flavors to achieve that golden coat of crispy skin, and tender meat.

We know hard work is important, but what matters more is believing in ourselves.

Great Taste, Anytime!

The Story Behind Our Name

Borenos Sdn Bhd, or Borenos Fried Chicken, founded in 2015, also known as Borenos, is a fast food restaurant based in Sabah, the Malaysian Borneo. Its first flagship store opened on 9 March 2015, located at Asia City Complex, Kota Kinabalu.

“Borenos” has its brand name inspired from the words “Borneo and “Sabah”, together with the fresh food concept to create excellent quality meals sourced from only the best local produce, hence the play of words, “Borenos”.

Grateful and honoured for the local as well as international supports, Borenos strived to improve and grow. The second outlet is located at Centrepoint, Basement Floor, right at the heart of the city and passers by walkway. On 9th May 2016, the store was opened to public.

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Our Vision

To be the leading fast food brand with Borneo pride.

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Our Mission

Our promise of freshness and quality is fulfilled through service from the heart.