About Borenos

About Borenos

Founded in 2015, Borenos Fried Chicken is dedicated to serving the best fried chicken, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. With the opening of our first store in Asia City Complex on 9th March 2015, we have achieved Borenos’ signature juiciness with step-by-step perfection, using the right amount of marination, breading skills and oil temperature control to lock in all the flavours.

Our commitment to serving the best to our community also means all of our ingredients used are Halal-certified. Since then, we have gone on to improve and expand our menu, leading us to become Sabah’s local-grown pride. Our menu now features several other items alongside our fried chicken, such as chicken and cheesy burgers, fish and chips, and our most popular item, the full spring chicken. With the love and support shown to Borenos by the people of Sabah, we are currently in the works to expand our stores in other parts of the home state.

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Great Taste, Anytime!

Quality Assurance: Our Products

Our spring chicken and chicken parts are deep-fried with the highest standard procedures that would eliminate potential risks of cross-contamination between our raw and ready-to-eat meals. We aim in providing our customers with a wholesome meal, not compromising nutritional values with great-tasting fried chicken. The Borenos Team don’t hesitate to experiment with new concepts and flavours that don’t single out the health-conscious fans of fried chicken.

Quality Assurance: People Development

Talents are often overlooked, if not wasted. The youth in Sabah has so much potential, they only need a place to be polished. At Borenos, developing these talents and paving a path for them to grow is the company’s impulsion. There’s so much more in customer service than just serving. There is body language and communication skills. Cooking isn’t just putting ingredients together; it is to be done with heart. These are the values we wish to instil in our future generation. Simple values, yet essential. Simple fried chicken, yet heart-warming.

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Our Vision

To be the leading fast food brand with Borneo pride.

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Our Mission

Our promise of freshness and quality is fulfilled through service from the heart.