Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Borenos guarantees satisfaction through farm-fresh whole spring chickens and chicken parts that are delivered daily.

Apart from being just an outlet providing delicious fried-chicken, we prepare it with a commitment to food safety and a dedication to more healthy ways of serving fried-chicken while maintaining the highest standards.

Borenos Fried Chicken family set Farm Fresh

Our Products

Our spring chicken and chicken parts are deep-fried with the highest standard procedures that would eliminate potential risks of cross-contamination between our raw and ready to eat meals. We aim in providing our customers a wholesome meal, not comprising nutritional values with great-tasting fried chicken. The Borenos Team don’t hesitate to experiment with new concepts and flavors that doesn’t single out the health-conscious fans of fried chicken.

Halal Commitment

We understand the need for Halal Guarantee as a vital part of Quality Assurance. We recognize our responsibility to the Muslim community and commitment for quality to our customers. Therefore, we promise to obey Syariah requirements and be certified Halal by JAKIM by ensuring:

  • » All products and ingredients are Halal certified by JAKIM or Foreign Halal Certification Board recognized by JAKIM
  • » Equipment is kept in good condition and clean from any harmful component to human health and Halal standard.
  • » Our crew adheres to good hygiene practices and food preparation practices.
  • » Our Halal Internal Committee strives towards Halal Excellence and be one of the most trusted companies by consumer.

Cooked In Small Batches To Ensure You Enjoy The Freshest Dining Experience

What makes Borenos Fried Chicken so deliciously different? Juicy and tender on the inside, yet crunchy and golden like the sun on the outside… timing as well as the perfect cooking temperature bounds it all together! Our Fried Chicken is cooked in small batches to ensure our customers enjoy the freshest dining experience possible. Do expect a minimal wait time. But trust us when we say, it’s worth it.

Supplier Quality

We source from Halal certified local suppliers for the best and freshest whole spring chicken and chicken parts, as well as for all our Borenos food supplies. Our suppliers deliver to us daily under strict standards for the high quality satisfaction from our consumers.
We also closely monitor the standard and performance of our suppliers through a regular flow of quality reports.

People Development

Talents are often overlooked, if not wasted. The youth in Sabah has so much potentials, they only need a place to be polished. At Borenos, developing these talents and paving a path for them to grow is the company’s impulsion. There’s so much more in customer service than just serving. There are body language and communication skills. Cooking isn’t just putting ingredients together, it is to be done with heart. These are the values we wish to instill in our future generation. Simple values, yet essential. Simple fried chicken, yet heartwarming.

» Career Opportunity

Sanitation / Personal Hygiene

We insist on a scrutinizing and meticulous operation when it comes to our sanitation procedures. Each of our staff must undergo the Food Handler’s Course we conduct internally by out-sourced trainers recognized by the Ministry of Health. We also emphasize on basic personal hygiene like our hand-washing procedures where all of our staffs are required to wash his/her hands thoroughly at least once every house, it is after all the handling of food.. something that cannot be taken lightly as it involves the well-being of our consumers.

Strictly no bare hands are allowed to be in contact with any of our finished products. We constantly stress on the use of disposable gloves, sanitized utensils like scoops and tongs.

All members of the Borenos Team has been immunized against Typhoid upon employment.

Pest Control

Due to the tropical climate in which we operate in, we put a lot of effort into pest control by continuing to maintain our standards through the countries’ leading pest control company.

In partnership with an expert in pest control, Borenos have acquired a comprehensive pest control solutions designed specially for food and beverage establishments, to prevent pest infestation in our outlet.

Borenos Freshness

Freshness Guaranteed

We want to put everyday-freshness back into your meals. Be it our famous fried-chicken, our wedges or our mash potatoes… all our products are guaranteed fresh, from farm to plate.

How do we guarantee our freshness? Our whole spring chickens are delivered daily by our trusted local suppliers. Our coleslaws are made and served fresh with locally grown ingredients, no over-night freezing happens in our kitchen!

We are talking about freshness you can taste, delicious-tasting meals you can trust. Cheat day? It doesn’t have to be a cheat day to enjoy our wholesome meals.