Crew Testimonials

Meet our crew at Borenos.
Read some of the testimonials from our team members about what it is like to be part of the Borenos family.

Jimy Abd Aziz

(Senior Restaurant Manager)

I’m someone who always look at the next step. Before I take on any job, I often ask myself, “How long can I last?” Once I give my commitment, I will go all the way.

I remember the first time meeting the Director, I was so worried my English is not ‘up to par’ to communicate with her. Gratefully, practice makes perfect! Today I have no problem at all conversing with the lovely Ms Janice.

Borenos believes in putting the right people in the right place. The company looks into individuals’ strengths and gives them opportunity to grow in that area. It is also motivating to know that my opinions may not always be accepted, but will definitely be heard. This is our practice here – open communication for everyone regardless of ranks.

That is why I’m still committed here!

Kasmiran Hassan

(Restaurant Manager)

I’m 33 years old – joined Borenos since 2016 until today: it’s already year 2023 – where people’s expectations were about flying cars and buses, albeit to our disappointment… Haha

Today, I’m a father of two: a 3-year-old prince and a 1-year-old princess. I enjoy spending time with my little family, they’re my pillar of strength and inspiration.

Playing football is how I spend my free time. My favourite team is “Glory Glory, Man United!”
I have a passion for singing as well, mostly Rod Stewarts’, Freddie Mercurys’ and Jamal Abdillahs’. In fact, I enjoy most ballads and slow rock music.

Holding 4 different roles is not easy but I enjoy being each one of it: son, husband, father and leader in Borenos. In my 4th year, I couldn’t be more grateful for the trust given to me in this position.

The company’s belief in developing every individual and giving everyone equal chances to grow, is something I admire. I’m definitely gonna be part of it until Borenos is known worldwide!

Welltah Simol

(Training Manager)

Telupid adalah kampung halaman saya. Kalau musim buah, memang balik kampung lah jawabnya.. macam-macam ada: tarap, rambutan, durian..
Anak ke-2 dari 3 beradik, saya sudah biasa berdikari sejak habis sekolah kerana tidak mahu menyusahkan keluarga.

Kebanyakan kerja saya memang dalam industry F & B, mula-mula dulu cuba nasib tapi sekarang inilah yang saya suka. Kerjaya saya di Borenos bermula sebagai cashier pada 1 June 2016. Di sinilah banyak pengalaman kerja yang saya lalui, tapi yang paling memberi kesan adalah pembangunan diri saya sendiri.

Borenos banyak membina keyakinan diri saya sehingga yang boleh dilihat sekarang, saya mengurus 20 lebih orang crew dan bertanggungjawab terhadap pengalaman pelanggan agar mereka melangkah keluar dari restoran dengan senyuman. 🙂

Ajrie Haris

(Assistant Restaurant Manager)

Challenges are what makes life interesting – I found them here, in Borenos. I’ve spent more than 4 years in this company that does not allow you to sit still in your comfort zone for long. Scary, eh? But no, I assure you the satisfaction of stepping out of comfort zone is such a big sense of achievement.

I do skate-boarding in my free time, it is a hobby that I enjoy immensely with my close buddies who are mostly from Kunak too, my hometown. So you can tell I am quite an active person who loves adventures. Another thing that is so fun at work would be its customised in-house training programmes. They are not your typical classroom training but rather a fun way of developing leadership skills.

Borenos has made my life better. I was struggling to pay bills with my first few jobs, now I could even send some back to my family. As an Assistant Restaurant Manager now, I am proud to be one of the leaders to guide my subordinates, to be greater than who they are. We couldn’t expect life to change by doing the same thing everyday, isn’t it?

Lawranie Sandra

(HR cum Admin Executive)

I joined Borenos since 11 June 2018 as a Management Trainee, at the age of 24. The happy environment and supportive leaders are my daily motivation to work.

My previous jobs were primarily F&B, but I see that it’s different here (in a good way!). One of it is the unique in-house training programmes. I enjoyed them very much. Some of the activities required strong teamwork and strategies. Just when you think you’ve passed a mission ‘smartly’, the next ones are even tougher!

On my day-offs, I love to be outdoor. Hiking and running are the things I usually participate in. My favourite is the Murug Turug hike. Why? I’m not telling you… Haha… Go give it a try! 😉

Azizah Ali

Azizah Ali

(Service Crew)

I love water sports and hiking. In particular – kayaking, flying fox and mountain climbing. The thrill of these activities never failed to excite me! In my family, I am the eldest of 5. My parents are the source of my strength and willpower. I’m learning to be more independent in Borenos and to help support my family financially.

Daily routines here aren’t your usual experience. It’s an eye-opener for me to see so many different types of people with their own unique personalities. Hence, boring is the last word to describe my job 😉 I’ve made friends with the regular customers here, so grateful that they appreciate my sense of humour!

Personally, I managed to make some positive changes here. I’ve recently just started wearing the hijab, and my relationship with my loved ones got closer. I guess choosing the right environment to work in does impact oneself indirectly. So that’s exactly why you’ll see me always welcoming you with my best smile greeting: “Borenos..!”

Khairoon Jurih

(Service Crew)

Saya mula bekerja pada 23 April 2018 sehingga kini.

Banyak pengalaman pahit manis selama bekerja di sini. Antaranya pengalaman seperti ‘Train To Busan’ dikerumuni ramai pelanggan semasa musim perayaan. Haha..

Suatu masa, saya bertemu sepasang customer yang menggunakan bahasa isyarat. Saya cuba mengambil order mereka dengan menggunakan sign language saya sendiri yang mudah difahami. Bila terkenang kembali agak lucu juga kerana ketika itu ramai customer dan saya bercakap dengan nada kuat semasa mengambil order (tepuk dahi kita di situ) walhal mereka tidak dapat mendengar saya. Tapi akhirnya mereka berpuas hati setelah selesai makan, dan keluar dari restoran dengan memberikan senyuman terhadap saya…

That made me feel so good that day.

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